Other Services

eMedischedule LLC provides the  following services to improve your clinic awareness. All of these services are designed to personalize your image to optimize your exposure. You will not need any assistance to manage any section of your web content. Simple computer skills will be sufficient to manage your latest technology web site.

Web design services - Improve your web presence with latest Web 2.0 technology, modern, hip, cultural look and feel. Mobile browser capable designs.

Form Management – Would you like your patients to download/print forms online? Fill them out prior to their visit and save time? We have the solution.

E-Commerce / Online payments – Do you offer supplements, medication, medical equipment to your patients? or would you like your patients to pay for their visits/dues online? We are the solution to your vision.

EMS Integration – We integrate your online scheduler with your new or existing website. Let patients find your services and request appointments from your clinic, 24/7. Save time & money with effective scheduling & automated communication.

Testimonials – New patients are always interested in reading other patient testimonials. Would you like to manage your own testimonials? We can cater to your preference.

Virtual Tours / Photo Gallery – Would you like a professional Virtual Tour of your clinic and high technology photo gallery component?  Impress patients with your services.

Audio / Video Integration – Would you like audio/video on your site to increase awareness? We can personalize your facilities & features – Keep you a step ahead.

Articles / News – Would you like to post some practice related articles for your patients online? We can give you maximum exposure with up to date information.

SEO- Search engine optimization. Let people find your clinic online. Cutting edge advantage over other clinics.

Your business becomes our challenge to take your services to the highest level. Please ask us references and see how other clinics benefit from these services.