Provide online clinic appointment scheduling and medical scheduling through either your own clinic website or through our interface that will be customized for your clinic. Create awareness of your medical services within your community. eMedischedule™ is your gateway to new and existing patients.

  • eMedischedule™ provides custom interfaces for online clinic scheduling and medical scheduling. Use it as a stand-alone product with a link from your existing clinic website or use it as an integrated solution with your existing EHR systems.
  • We provide after hours assistance to all patients. eMedischedule™ will forward appointment requests to you. Never miss a patient appointment request again.
  • Interconnects your multiple clinic locations under one centralized scheduling system. Easily manage your appointments from a single panel.
  • Unlike online medical scheduling request forms, our system can be setup to display appointment availability to your patients. Free up your front office staff by eliminating telephone calls to and from patients, thereby reducing wasted time and scheduling mistakes.
  • Referrals - Pysicians can use our referral module to book appointments with other providers.
  • Custom URL - You will receive your own custom appointment interface with your pictures, colors and clinic information. Share this URL with your existing patients or use it on your existing website. Your existing patients will enjoy the ease of requesting appointments online, 24/7 , regardless of where they are at.
  • Automated communication with patients via automated email, SMS text messages and automated phone calls to patients and physicians for appointment reminders, confirmations, cancellations.
  • Patient forms management, automated accounts for patient payments.
  • More accurate allocation of provider’s time, reason for patient’s visit is determined at time of request for appointment.
  • Maximizes use of the provider’s day, using customizable calendars.
  • Reduces downtime by allowing a provider easy access to their continuously updated schedule anytime, from any mobile device.
  • Optimizes in-clinic resource utilization. Non-public calendars for room, staff and event bookings.
  • Language support for 8 different languages including Spanish.
  • Insurance eligibility is validated at time of the patient’s request for an appointment.
  • No need to change information technology currently in use, interfaces to any Practice Management System, Electronic Health Record System and Laboratory Management System.
  • Cost efficient, there are no contracts, no installation cost or need for any capital investment, you select the features that suit your practice and pay only for how many times you use them.