Public Health Clinics

eMedischedule™ has developed a plugin specifically designed for public health online clinic scheduling services. eMedischedule™ PHS is the most comprehensive public health clinic online patient appointment scheduling system in the market. eMedischedule™ PHS is widely used for childhood immunization, WIC, HIV, blood test, family planning clinics and many other public health related activity scheduling. Our H1N1 clinic scheduling plugin has saved our clients tremendous amount of resources. The information below highlights the great success of our system as implemented by Delaware General Health District, OHIO (“DGDH”) during H1N1 influenza virus immunization clinics:

  • Over 4000 appointments were made through our system.
  • Only 496 appointments were made by the DGDH staff.
  • eMedischedule service saved approximately 689 hours of staff time over the phone for the department.
  • 3096 appointments were made AFTER HOURS.
  • DGHD staff experienced 86% reduction in phone calls from patients regarding appointment scheduling.

Reference: Numbers above can be verified through Delaware General Health District.

What does eMedischedule™ PHS offer to public health departments?

  • 24 hour fast customization and setup.
  • Customized interface and link for the department website.
  • Low monthly fee. No long term contracts. No setup or customization costs.
  • Automated patient communication. Automated email, SMS text message and phone calls to the patients regarding appointments.
  • Virtual Call Center. A dedicated number to your department for patients to call and make their appointments. No need for staff to answer phone calls for appointments. Totally automated and department controlled virtual call center for appointments.
  • Custom reports. Customized reports that are generated through our system regarding patient appointments to fit in your specific needs.
  • Forms management. Custom patient forms management and service eligibility for patients.
  • Language support. Our system is available in 8 different languages including Spanish.
  • Custom add-on plugins. Our staff will customize any of our plugins for your specific operating procedures at no cost.
  • Patient payments. You can accept online patient payments directly through our system.
  • 24/7 Live Technical Support for the staff and for the patients.
  • 24/7 Appointment Scheduling Assistance for the patients.
  • Scheduling system can be used for all other scheduling needs  such as building inspections, volunteer group events, certifications, training course scheduling etc.