Delaware General Health District

Delaware General Health District

DELAWARE, OH, December 18, 2009 –This is the weekly flu update issued by the Delaware General Health District.

The new online appointment scheduling system for our H1N1 immunization clinics was put into use this week, and is working well. In less than seven days, 3,269 appointments have been scheduled. Of those, 2,723 clients were able to set their own appointments without assistance from the Health District staff. We have worked with the scheduling system vendor throughout the week to promptly deal with the few glitches which have arisen.

Also working very well is the new immunization clinic location, Grady Memorial Hospital’s Delaware Health Center at 801 OhioHealth Boulevard. We provided 1,040 H1N1 immunizations during our first two clinic days there. Most clients this week have had little or no waiting time, and have found the location to be convenient.
“Grady’s offer of assistance is greatly appreciated,” said Health Commissioner Frances Veverka MPH R.S. Due to traffic concerns, the Health District was not able to use the Grady facility until the appointment system was implemented.
We expect to continue using the Delaware Health Center throughout the winter months. Our weekly schedules will continue to include evening and weekend opportunities to get the H1N1 vaccine. Our vaccine stocks remain ample.

As expected, numerous senior citizens and healthy adults have gotten immunizations this week with the lifting of eligibility restrictions for the H1N1 vaccines. We also are continuing to see a lot of families returning for their children under 10 to get second doses. Find an addiction rehab center that can help you get your life back.

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